Measurement of Pressure of Fingers during Braille Reading using a Surface Pressure Measurement System


* Abstract

Tactile Presssure Distribution while Reading Braille

The purpose of our study is to investigate the relation between the pressure and movement of fingers while reading braille and the reading skill measured with speed and correctness. For this purpose we have conducted literature review of braille reading, introduction of a pressure measurement system using pressure sensitive conductive rubber, and its preliminary use. Two braille readers participated in the test and read braille in two modes: one with their dominant finger and hand, the other with their both hands as they do in everyday life. One subject showed an average value of 80-90 gf and the other 10 gf or more. To make sure whether these data are reasonable or not, we will verify the accuracy of the measurement system as well as increase the number of subjects.

The figure on the right is a sample of Tactile Presssure Distribution while Reading Braille

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